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Dust Containment System

Lee’s Signature Dust Containment System

Lee’s Hardwood Floors, Inc. signature dust containment system is a two part powerful tool used to help make your hardwood floor refinishing project cleaner, safer and healthier for you family and your home.

  • Compatibility: Our powerful Extract Vac 24-horse Honda engine coupled with an Oneida Vortex Cyclone ™ will pull 740 CFM (cubic feet of air per minute). The highest in our industry.
  • Reliability: Our four sander capacity with dual heap filters means improved air quality, cleanliness and safety over our competitors.
  • Dependability: We only use non static hoses and Carbon Hepa Filtration for better air quality for your home and our technicians in addition the non static hoses reduce the risk of fire in the sanding bags.
  • Safety: Our Extract Vac is TRUCK MOUNTED, meaning we do not bring heavy, dusty and cumbersome vacuums into your home to roll around on your freshly sanded floors. Another huge benefit to our dust containment system being TRUCK MOUNTED is there is no risk of fire in your home should the dust catch on fire due to static ohms by fast moving air or sparks that might be created from the sander should it hit a nail.

Hardwood Floor Project Shown here is the Extract Vac System along with the Oneida Vortex Cyclone™ vacuum. The Extract Vac has a 24 horse Honda engine with Teflon coated Hepa and charcoal filters couple this with the Vortex Vacuum mounted directly to the sander and that gives Lee’s the safest most efficient vacuum in the Greater Triangle Area. Our winning combination has the capability to run three or more pieces of sanding equipment at the same time, while the competitors dust system can only accommodate one machine at a time leaving behind more dust.

Daniel is shown here with Amen of Industrial Air Solutions, Inc. Industrial Air Solutions has worked with Lee’s Hardwood Floors to create this dual tank expansive system for large jobs and long hose runs to keep a constant pressure using five to six sander operations. Industrial Air Solutions is a local Raleigh, North Carolina company that designs and builds dust and particle containment systems for large factories in accordance with EPA, State and Federal laws and guidelines. The natural progression was to bring that technology to the flooring contractor to help better the air quality for our environment and customers. We here at Lee’s Hardwood Floors only use the very best and safest vacuums for our customers and our workers health and safety this leaving minimal clean up afterwards. It is a winning combination.

Extract Vac vs. Competition

These values based on 200 ft distance with recommended vendor setup
OPEN cubic feet per minute Brochure
max vacuum Sander cfm Edger cfm running cfm running vacuum filter area
Extract Vac
740 650 10″ 340 200 540 6.0″ 58
Bona 400 400 10″ 133 97 230 5.75″ 25
Clarke 420 360 8″ 160 115 275 7.75″ NONE!
HF-640 640 640 5″ 255 160 415 1.9″ 69

Extract Vac vs. Competition

These values based on 100 ft distance with recommended vendor setup
Sander cfm Edger cfm running cfm running vacuum
Extract Vac
740 650 10″ 365 210 575 4.5″ 58
Bona 400 400 10″ 174 105 279 5.75″ 25
Clarke 420 360 8″ 187 112 299 5.5″ NONE!
HF-640 640 640 5″ 270 175 445 1.8″ 69
HF-320 320 320 5″ 245 NA 245 1.5″ 36.7


OPEN cfm is the maximum the vacuum producer will do, wide open, no hoses, zero vacuum.
Oneida Vortex Cyclone separates the dust and air at the sander to prevent clogs and dust build up for better collection to the Extract Vac (240G)


NOTE: Lee’s Hardwood Floors, Inc. no longer uses the Atomic Bona Dust Containment System.

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